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The Witch_1942, 2019-2022
installation views from goodtime, The Plumb, Toronto (Fall 2022) and Tools ‘n’ Shit (Round 1, 2, 3) (2019-2022), Goodwater Gallery, Toronto

~14,600 pieces of grapevine charcoal made over the course of two-years in Goodwater’s fireplace, drawing material for a lifetime. The work includes several tools necessary for production, installation, storage and a special edition Goodwater Mailer for the exhibition, goodtime.

I wrote a featured essat about goodwater/goodtime for Momus: It’s All About Good Timing: Goodwater at the Plumb

production assistance: Melissa Bleecker and John Goodwin
grape vine: Sandra Rechico, Callum Schuster, Amanda White
photo documentation: Alison Postma, Colin Miner, John Goodwin