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In the dust of this world
Fall 2015, Forest City Gallery, London On.

This exhbition explored the work, life, and philosophy of the late Canadian futurist Frank Ogden (1920 - 2012) in relation to a world disintegrating. Also known as Dr. Tomorrow, Ogden was a Canadian futurist who developed predictions by collecting and collating massive amounts of information from every potential telecommunications network available to him. Often contradictory and problematic in nature, with a dose of paranoid logic, Ogden's findings nevertheless give insight into the difficulties that face a world in physical, psychological, and technological transformation.

Transdisciplinary in scope, this project presents several interrelated digital and analog components that in unison form an ambitious portrait of Ogden's work and philosophy by exploring how research has the potential to leak into form. These works included a set of forty marble tiles, hand-engraved with Ogden’s Laws that he claimed would govern social organization, economics and intelligence in the communication age; several amorphous papier-mâché thought~form_survivors; and a clear vinyl bag of waxed tools.

The project was accompanied by the website, inthedustofthisworld.com, a digital ppt video-file, and a performative lecture co-presented by Dustin Wilson and myself. The exhibition offered physical extensions to the collaborative research generated by ‘Friends of Ogden Park’. A previous iteration was developed for YTB, Toronto alongside artworks by Wilson and Patrick Cruz. 

Details of Ogden’s Laws:
Alternate installation view of Ogden’s 40 Laws:

Exhibition Website (currently expired)...