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Summer 2017, Open Studios, Banff Centre, Treaty 7 Territories
Summer 2018, the ratio of an earthworm, Toronto

Site~forms_Alasha includes a series of sculpture and digital renderings developed through site visits to Nordegg, a former mining community in the Rocky Mountains, while participating in the Banff Research in Culture: 2067 residency at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in summer 2017. My mother, a women of many names—Alexander Elsie Mary “Alasha” Bartzak McGeough Poliquin—was born in Nordegg, shortly after an explosion and collapse of the town’s coal mine in 1941—a catastrophic event that killed thirty-one miners and caused a life-long post-traumatic-stress-disorder for my grandfather. Thematically, the installation explored the dynamics of inheritance via personal family histories and geological trauma. A selection of works from this project were subsequently exhibited in the ratio of an earthworm—curated by Larissa Tiggelers and Patrick Cruz in 2018 . 

A lengthier description of  “_~forms_” can be found here.