Space~forms_turn around/bright eyes, 2019
w/ Stefana Fratila and Kiko Sounds
AGYU Vitrines

There was once a picnic on its surface, this pearl, this orange moon, this acoustic mirror, this exquisite corpseour salad dressing splashed, wine glasses left their rings, and someone spilled the salt. Feeling spacey, bodies shifted position from beings to becomings and good vibrations overflowed. As sound rounds corners, they move beyond the limits of analysis and cross distances of difference. Until, in a sensational zone of resonant affinity, they float—tethered—together into a dazzling array of particles, bursts, and clusters.

The copper works on view were conceived and developed alongside audiowork co-produced by Stefana Fratila and Kiko Sounds that filled the breezeway outside of the Art Gallery of York University from May - August 2019 with the ambient sounds of crystal bowl tuning across three, non-synced tactile transducer speakers (sound exciters) attached directly to the glass windows of three gallery-vitrines. Exploring the roles of ceasura and aleatoriality in composition across both sound and visual art, this project was produced in tight conversation with curator Katarina Veljovic, for her exhibition On Pause

Listen to an approxamation of the sound bath developed by Stefana and Kiko.