Amber Falls
May 2022, Kikospace, Toronto

There was a picnic on its surface, this pearl, this magic skin, this mystical shell, this gleaming amber moon. Day poured into night, light into darkness, labour into pleasure. Wine glasses left rings. Salad dressing splashex. Someone spilled the salt. They had worked too hard. Walked too far, too fast. Feeling spacey, bodies shifted position and for an hour or an age everything changed. Carefully, they took off habits, put down jobs, moved beyond limits of analysis, crossed distances of difference. And together, they fell—curious, in dazzling arrays of particles, bursts, clusters. Chimes rang on the wind. Was that a moth or a butterfly?
This installation follows-up on the collaborative project, Bright Eyes with Stefana Fratila and Kiko Sounds, in which we created a 100 metre long sound bath + cooper installation in the breezeway outside the Art Gallery of York University for the summer months of 2019.

Instead of an opening, DJs Crip Time, Cam Lee, Snail Space, and I hosted GUMMY UNIVERSE: TANGfastic Dance Party with yummy-gummy snacks c/o @spool_oven

Manden Murphy contributed two articles on “The Resident” which will subsequently be reprinted in the inaugeral issue of the “The Mercury”.

image credit: Alison Potsma
production support: Claudia Rick