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Ella Dawn McGeough

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Imagine a runner sliding her baton to another and another and another. Instantly, the feeling of grasping a thing and the tangibility of sweat and chalk is given and received. Multiple entities rub off on each other, conferring awareness, meaning, and power. This event is a metamorphic process, a sensational affair, a map of intersecting lines, an accrued composition that enables becoming-with. Like the runner, my practice pursues relays as assemblies of contact, communication, and material exchange. I believe that it is within such flashes of transmission that social permeability and material reciprocity are possible. Accordingly, the politics of collaboration and participation are critical. Notable examples include recent projects with Faith La Rocque, Stefana Fratila, Kiko Sounds, Dustin Willson, Sarah Nasby, and the ongoing artist publication Moire - established with Colin Miner and Liza Eurich in 2012.