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Dancing with Tantalus
w/ Katie Lyle and Gabrielle L'Hirondelle Hill, curated by Lillian O’Brien Davis
Winter-Spring 2020, School of Art Gallery, University of Manitoba

Consider the Greek myth of Tantalus, who stole ambrosia, nectar, and the gods’ secrets of immortality for his people. As punishment for his crime, Tantalus was made to stand in a clear pool where water receded before he could drink, underneath trees laden with fruit that forever escaped his grasp. Touching leaves traces, often more lasting than originally imagined, but the absence of touch builds both anticipation and desire.

Dancing with Tantalus engages qualities of contact—between people, surfaces, and objects—to examine haptic intimacy and explore the causal relationship between artworks and the many structures that make contact with them—physically, intellectually, emotionally, institutionally, and historically.

My works in the exhibition expand upon the ongoing “_~form_” series to a selection of throw pillows and blankets  (dream~forms_idle) and copper sheets (space~forms_currency).

Further Reading:
Clean Hands, Lillian’s exhibition text.
Crossing A Threshold: Tantalus’ Second Crime, nic wilson

*This exhibition develops from Greener than Grass at Susan Hobbs Gallery in 2020.