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Selection of writing for, with, & about good friends 

It’s All About Good Timing: Goodwater at the Plumb
Momus, 7 February 2023

Feature article on the exhibition goodtime at the Plumb, October-November 2022, curated by goodwater gallery

For the ancient Greeks, the division of time was represented by a separation of chronos from kairos. To symbolize durational or cyclical time, Greco-Roman mosaics personified chronos as a god turning the zodiac wheel. In contradiction, kairos—from keirein, to cut—signaled change, crisis, and compression, the moment a shuttle passes through thread on a loom. [continue reading]

HaeAhn Kwon, "Credit Card - VISA," 2018.

Materials: Terms of Endearment
Support, Winter 2021

To culminate a collaboration of three exhibitions: Terms of Endearment, Dancing with Tantalus, and Greener than Grass, I designed a riso-publication for Support’s Materials series that pulls together associated texts written by Lillian, Simon Fuh, Nic Wilson, and Jillian Groening alongside a variety of, well, other materials.

Thank you to Tegan Moore and VidePress. Please contact me if you would like a special riso-copy.
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Can you swim to the bottom of the ocean~ Have you died~ Killed someone~ Morphed into someone else~ Been an inanimate object~ Do you know who your loved ones are~ Are they just a feeling~ Are you just a feeling~ Can you orgasm~ See ghosts~ Cross paths with imposter cats~ Find closure?
written with  Ella Tetrault
Peripheral Review, 2021

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Print Publication
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[images by Alison Postma]

Katie Lyle: Nowadays
Franz Kaka, September 2021 

I’m on Fire
exhibition text commissioned by Jessica Groome and Aleksandra Bielas
Spoiler Zone Berlin, January 2020 

Ken Lum: in Correspondence
moire 5, 2019

Laura Findlay: The Shortsighted Can’t Love Mountains
Aresenal Toronto/Montreal, 2019

The Smoker
“Smoke: Figures, Genres, Forms”
Public Journal, 29.58, Winter 2018

Kathleen Ritter: The Pickpocket and the Sloth
Open Studios, 2017

Jessica Groome: Soft Glove

Erin Stumps Projects, 2017

Tiziana LaMelia: in Conversation 
moire 4, 2016 

Amy Brener: Crusty Crunchy Roundy Smoothy
moire 2, 2014