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She changes everything She touches and everything She touches changes (Vanessa)
10 September 2017,Moire’s Catwalk, Toronto

A collaborative research project & installation with Faith La Rocque, featuring theremin and live butterflies (Vanessa cardui a.k.a. painted lady butterflies).

Thank you to the following for sharing their time and knowledge: Staff at Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory; Cheryl Tyndall, curator of the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory; Antonia Guidotti, entomologist at the Royal Ontario Museum; Jennifer Carpenter, professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto; Clara Venice, musician and performing artist; and Chris Stopa. Documentation by Colin Miner for Moire’s Catwalk.

Link to conversation between Faith & Ella---reflecting on the event’s observations, aftereffects, and future.