Ella Dawn McGeough 

Turn Around / Bright Eyes, 2019
w/ Stefana Fratila and Kiko Sounds
AGYU Vitrines -- an off-site component of the AGYU Curatorial Intensive Exhibition, On Pause, curated by Katarina Veljovic

Listen to an approxamation of the sound bath, developed by Stefana and Kiko, here

Memorial for the present is the future of the past (3 pools), 2019

NEXT|WAVE - Varley Art Gallery, Markham -- curated by Charlotte Gagnier

“23”, 2018
Lojong: Exercises in compassionate mind training
Kikospace, Toronto - curated by Kristen Weckworth (Kiko)

thoughtforms_Alasha, 2018
the ratio of an earthworm - curated by Larissa Tiggelers and Patrick Cruz