Ella Dawn McGeough

She changes everything She touches and everything She touches changes (luna), 2019

a project with Faith La Rocque for Moire’s Catwalk

The Witch 1942, 2018--infinity
~14,600 pieces of grapevine charcoal, tools

Tools ‘n’ Shit (Round 1, 2, 3)
Goodwater Gallery, Toronto

Turn Around / Bright Eyes, 2019
w/ Stefana Fratila and Kiko Sounds
AGYU Vitrines -- an off-site component of the AGYU Curatorial Intensive Exhibition, On Pause, curated by Katarina Veljovic

Listen to an approxamation of the sound bath, developed by Stefana and Kiko:

Memorial for the present is the future of the past (3 pools), 2019

NEXT|WAVE - Varley Art Gallery, Markham -- curated by Charlotte Gagnier

“23”, 2018
Lojong: Exercises in compassionate mind training
Kikospace, Toronto - curated by Kristen Weckworth (Kiko)